artist statement


Born the first of four children and raised in the Pennsylvania countryside by cosmopolitan parents, Joy was lucky to have roots in nature, and also to have frequent urban cultural experiences in New York and Philadelphia. She is grateful that her parents provided a very special upbringing and cultivated her ability to see and appreciate the surrounding world.

Following a broad education at home and at school, she went on to study photography, design, graphics, and printmaking. She traveled across the U.S., lived and traveled in Europe, and finally settled in California (taking pictures all the while).

In California she brought her creative skills and love of learning to making a living. During the heyday of West Coast independent book publishing, she designed, produced, provided photography for, or art-directed over 70 books and book covers. As the personal computer industry rose in Silicon Valley, she wrote, designed, or produced nearly 100 user manuals and quick references -- polishing skills for presenting essential information with visual clarity.

Since 1998, she has focused on bringing her creative work to the foreground, and has exhibited locally in numerous open and juried shows. She has exhibited in juried shows in Japan and traveled there to participate with cross-cultural photography exchange groups.

As digital photography and new media become more recognized in the art world, new opportunities presented themselves. She was invited to curate the 2004 Digital Fine Art and Photography show at Hayward Forum of the Arts' Sun Gallery, and has found new compatriots in the activities of PhotoCentral, the unique and exciting photography organization (based in the Bay Area, but active around the world) founded by fine art photographers Geir and Kate Jordahl.

She and her husband (photographer Bruce Barrett) are spending the summer of 2005 photographing Nature's unique creations in and around Yosemite National Park, and are excited by the emerging results of that adventure.